Rosa and Gabe’s Engagement Session at Marian Bear Park

Engagement sessions are always so beautiful, especially when the scenery is just as impressive as at Marian Bear Park in San Diego, CA. Rosa contacted us earlier to pick a pretty photo session filled with lots of large trees and a forest feels for her session with Gabe, and we jumped at the idea of recommending Marian Bear Park. Once the session date got closer, Gabe contacted us before that, saying he wanted to make this session special by proposing to Rosa during the session!!! We immediately got super excited and, of course, loved the idea! We made sure to set the couple up for success and make their session unique and memorable. Little did Rosa know that her session went from being a regular portrait session to a proposal to an engagement session at Marian Bear! Of course, Rosa said yes and we were so happy for this beautiful couple! We finished their session at Marian Bear by walking over the park and making the most of all of the gorgeous scenery all over to highlight the beautiful couple and the new bling on Rosa’s finger!

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